The Grow-A-Pair Gentlemen Barbers

The Grow-A-Pair Foundation is incredibly grateful to the Modern Male Gentlemen Barbers and the special guest barbers that donate much of their time and experience to ensure success in our campaign’s event! Without them, our foundation would not be able to continue to “Grow-A-Pair” and impact our community in such a positive way. Thankfully, these gentlemen have recognized the importance and need for Grow-A-Pair’s mission and continuously show us support and love, not only on Cut-A-Thon day, but everyday. The barber shop is an excellent place for male camaraderie and discussion. The Grow-A-Pair Foundation would like to sincerely express appreciation and admiration for the devoted time, effort, and skill that these fine gentlemen graciously donate to us in support of men’s cancer awareness. 

Thank you, Gentlemen.

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