Losing a parent at a young age in life is an incredibly difficult and confusing time for any child to have to endure. In the U.S., Cancer is one of the leading causes of death and unfortunately children are becoming more and more exposed to the thought of losing a loved one due to this terrible disease. At it’s core, this is where the Grow-A-Pair Foundation came into fruition.  

Pictured: Nicky "The Barba" Prosseda

After our foundation’s president, Nicky “the Barba” Prosseda, lost his father to melanoma cancer at 10 years old, he quickly stepped up to the plate to help with his two younger siblings. He set out to try and become the positive male role model that their father had been to them.

Through a lot of personal growth, life experience, and education, Nicky the Barba was able to start his own small, local barbershop business. However, he wanted to find a way to use his new business as a channel for giving back to the community as well. And, this is where our organization began.


Grow-A-Pair was organized by Gentlemen Barbers to help raise awareness and spread the word about men’s health issues; such as male prostate and testicular cancer.  The foundation strongly wishes to encourage men to get regular health checkups and screenings.

Fast forward to nearly a decade later, and Modern Male Barber Shop (now with 7 locations and a Barber Academy) has gained enough momentum to successfully host it’s 7th Annual Grow-A-Pair campaign and Cut-A-Thon event to be held on Sunday, September 8th. And, this is where the Grow-A-Pair Foundation greatly appreciates your help through donations, volunteering, and most importantly by [having the you know what] to openly communicate such a serious and heartfelt cause with those around you. 

The Grow-A-Pair Foundation continues to advocate for open dialogue amongst family, friends and peers regarding men’s health. According to The American Cancer Society (2019), it is estimated that 1 in 9 men will face a prostate cancer diagnosis within their lifetime. Early detection can mean a world of difference for any and every family facing cancer. Therefore, the Grow-A-Pair Foundation strives to help educate men on the importance of scheduling routine physical examinations and cancer screenings; while the proceeds from each campaign are used to assist fellow men within our community who are currently receiving cancer treatments.   

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